The one-woman show on Russian TV proves that we have to stand up for the Russian working class

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The courage of the Russian people continues to inspire me.

You read that right. If there is confusion, I mean Russian people. Not the oligarchs are currently fighting a monarchy in Ukraine. Instead, I mean people like Maria Ovsiannikova, who last night staged a one-woman protest against the war. During a broadcast on Russian state television, he entered the room carrying a placard that read “Stop the war. Do not believe a lie. They are lying to you.” This was followed by the release of a pre-recorded message (in Russian) which has been translated “among the things going on in Ukraine is a crime.” This evening, there was a rumor that he had been found guilty of violating the protest rules and fined him 30,000 rubles ($ 280.)

Since Vladimir Putin, the dictator who has ruled Russia for 20 years, has won Ukraine over the last month, the Russian people have shown the world that this is a war, not their own. At least 8000 protesters were arrested in many Russian cities, from Saint Petersburg west to Khabarovsk in Russia Far East.

The daily citizens of this country represent the Putinese government in a state of great danger to their lives and rights. In doing so, they serve as a reminder that the Russian working class – of course, the Russian people – are not our enemies. The Oligarchs who took us into this chaos are.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was justified by international powers and sanctions. This was right and just. People of all nations would not remain silent and allow the dictator to create a global system that has served us wonderfully for 75 years. Ukraine, a historically oppressed country, deserves our full cooperation.

And yet. While I agree that something had to be done, my heart is broken for the Russians who are suffering as a result of these sanctions. Russian YouTuber Niki Proshin this week he also visited the grocery store had filmed a video four months ago, and the cost of everyday items was staggering. Eggs have risen 10 percent. Milk rises by 45 percent. Fish are up by 63 percent. This price hike is in line with reports produced by media around the world, inclusive on the BBC, and the Washington Post, and Al-Jazeera.

Meanwhile, in the west, anti-Russian sentiment is growing. “Across Europe, conscientious objectors are being expelled and removed from office,” said Aleksandra Lewicki, a sociologist at the University of Sussex. told the Washington Post earlier this month. “There is a real enemy … It is the Russians, from all races, who are suffering from anti-apartheid violence and derogatory remarks.” Russians living in the UK have said being cyber bullied and even threatened with death.

We should all be scared and embarrassed by this. It should go without saying that the Russians every day are not our enemies. They are our fellow workers in the world, and whether they fled Russia before the war or are still there now, they are the victims of oppressive rule.

Putin has been running the oligarchy for two decades, and has overseen the process in recent years in the USSR being rich capitalists overseeing production processes after 1991. These people have strengthened their power over Russian companies and politics in the last two decades. Putin’s Neo-imperialist policy seeks to enrich and enhance the power and interests of these people, not the Russian working class.

That is why they limited their freedom. This is why many of these rich people have made places like London their playground, control of western TV, sports, business, and economics. Here in the West, they can enjoy the freedoms denied to their domestic workers while advancing Russia’s interests abroad by boosting the local and international economy of the countries in which they live.

Russians in Workaday days just want to be lucky. They know it, too. This is why the Russian military in Ukraine is not doing very well – for many, their morals are low As they are fighting a war that they know is an unjust war.

Ukraine, as well as the previous SSR, has had its challenges. Zelensky was promoted to anti-oligarch, anti-nationalist in office – even though his People Party Minister was. especially alibertarian and has done little to care for the material needs of his people. Zelensky himself was not a labor leader. As recently as October ended, Al Jazeera he was saying that his re-election opportunity was marred by Pandora Papers’ revelations that millions had invested in maritime businesses.

In the meantime, working men in Ukraine are left to fight for their country with courage – and, fortunately, Zelensky leads them boldly – but The Ukrainian oligarchs fled the country earlier. Some rich men and famous, such as Maksim Chmerkovskiy, has been said passports used abroad and other escape routes. While I do not hate any crime for doing anything necessary to escape the war zone – Chmerkovskiy and a person, like you or me – it is worth noting that most Ukrainians will never have such an opportunity or such an opportunity. Even here in the west, it is a group of workers who carry the heavy burdens of war. They are hurt by rising gas prices. It is a group of workers who have lost their jobs because of a global economy that was designed to bring about a new world order of interdependence that will ensure world peace as never before. And, God forbid, if the conflict escalates, it is the working children from the Appalachian mountains and the plains of Wales who can be sent to battle – not the scions of western oligarchs who will no doubt remain stable in their palaces. Manhattan and Mayfair.

Workers in Russia and Ukraine are already paying for this war with their own blood. As workers, our union naturally goes to the people of Ukraine fighting for their right to self-determination. There should also be people working in Russia, who have not asked for the war and who do not stand to benefit, even in the slightest.

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